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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

The benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement are significant. “Bioidentical” is an important distinction as it indicates that it is naturally derived from plant or animal sources and not synthetic or man-made.


BHRT’s clinically proven benefits have been identified in the following 10 key areas:

1 Delay in bone loss
2 Preservation of lean muscle mass
3 Maintaining healthy Libido
4 Mental clarity
5 Decrease in anxiety and depression
6 Increased sense of well-being
7 Healthier skin and thicker hair growth
8 Increased energy during the day
9 Improved quality of sleep
10 Fewer hot flashes, night sweats and decrease in bloating
How it works

BHRT is a custom treatment to
replenish and balance essential hormones to an ideal state. It is a
custom-formulated prescription, specific to each individual’s needs and
goals based upon state-of-the-art laboratory analytics and in-depth
evaluation by Dr. Holsworth. This analysis provides a precise benchmark
of hormone levels and their biologically active metabolites (breakdown
products). This becomes the basis for a personalized treatment plan to
replenish and balance hormones such as estrogen, testosterone,
progesterone, oxytocin, thyroid, and DHEA. In addition, specific
nutritional supplements act synergistically with BHRT to restore a
balanced endocrine system, an essential foundation for healthy