Medical Assistant

Jaimi Ehrlich

Jaimi comes to Kaminaka Health clinic with over 13 years of experience in the Healthcare field, as a medical assistant and office manager. In her role as a medical assistant at Kaminaka, Jaimi is responsible for client service and support, documenting vitals, blood collection, IV insertion and monitoring; as well as office administration.

Jaimi’s past medical responsibilities included documenting medical exams for patient’s medical history, collecting and documenting vitals, blood collection, administering EKGs and the safe and timely delivery of all documentation for requesting agencies.

Jaimi was also responsible for managing a team of phlebotomists and overseeing the consistency of testing and accuracy of data collected.

Jaimi is a certified Phlebotomist and is IV (intravenous) certified and is a graduate of the PIMA Medical Institute.